About Us

Why Science in the Early Years

Studies have shown that, during the first five years, children develop the foundational brain structures and early learning skills upon which all future education will be built. These are precisely the years when each child’s huge potential and innate capacity for creativity must be developed throughout activities and experiences that help them develop their foundational skills. Our STEM innovative and unique early childhood programs are fun, interesting, practical, and proven amazing educational ways to stimulate children’s curiosity. They shape children’s mind to think creatively and critically as encourage them to learn about themselves and their environment.

During ten years of teaching children ages two to seven, we have observed the great benefits of our programs. In fact, we have seen that children really look forward to their next science class, became involved in eco-friendly hands-on science experiments, became familiar with the vocabulary and tools and have developed critical and creative thinking skills. These pioneering programs help children develop a life-long love for science and for learning while empowering them with the social, emotional, cognitive, critical and creative thinking skills needed to succeed in the 21 century.

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