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Our Story

Awesome Science, Corp is a Science4Future’s company. Awesome Science, Corp. and Science4Future, inc. were founded by MariaLucia Rojas, Ph.D in 2008 in order to use science to contribute effectively to the education of children while helping them develop critical and creative thinking skills as a foundation for their learning and their successful future.

We started to develop our STEM curricula, programs, and products thirteen years ago. Over the years, more than 2,000 children have participated in our programs; they love the classes, enjoying each topic and developing literacy, math, and critical and creative thinking skills. Our curricula and programs for children ages two to seven are specifically designed to spark children’s interest in science while promoting their early intellectual, emotional, and social development as they prepare for a lifetime of success. Through experiments and activities, Awesome Science makes science learning fun while fostering a lifelong love for science and for learning. We have continued to monitor the academic performance of our alumni, who are now showing excellent academic success in their current levels; all of them have showed progress and advantages in most subjects while some of them particularly excel in science, reading and math.

Today Awesome Science offers an educational platform that keeps inspiring children to love science throughout STEM eco-friendly, hands-on experiments and adventures. Through our programs, boys and girls can see and realize that everything people need and use in their lives is found in nature. As a result, children grow up to appreciate the simple things, to care for and protect nature, and learn skills like observing, comparing, classifying, deducing and inferring. These are skills that can foster a talent for science, or be applied to other disciplines. We have observed the great benefits of our programs; namely, how children are able to make observations, hypotheses, draw conclusions, and make deductions, comparisons, and inferences. These observations and evaluations, along with decades of research by neuroscientists, developmental psychologists, and pediatricians, demonstrate the great benefits of early learning experiences on brain development. We invite all school and educational centers to be part of our dream in order to make science accessible to all children by implementing our programs and curricula.

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